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Realizing Your Potential...

Above and Beyond Associates LLC  work  with organizations that are looking to increase profitability, revenue, individual employee performance and growth. Companies today that Improve people and are open to new process changes are becoming more profitable.  When you look at every area of the organization there are points of connect just like the points on a star. Each positions from the President to the person on the floor need certain types of skills to perform their jobs. Problem solving, decision making, communication, and motivation are just a few areas that each person can develop. Because these skills are learned by observation you have to continually work on improving them. We take a proactive approach to challenge individuals to improve and grow when working or leading others and contact with their outside customers.

By listening and asking the right questions we are able to help create a plan that works to improve and grow you and your organization. People who set personal and professional goals are more success and have a sense of control for their future.Our major emphasis is challenging employees to balance their business goals with their personal goals.

We also encourage our clients to see "Innovation and Sustainability" as a common everyday opportunity within their organization. When employees are challenged to be open to new innovative ideas they work smarter not longer and are more engaged in the job.

We are a member of a nationwide network of consultants who promote growth and development. The tools and resources we use have a proven track record and have been used in all types of busineses.

We also provide keynote adresses, workshops, and training to organizations and corporations anywhere in the world.